Ardbeg Ten limited edition sleeve

Bringing the elements of Islay to life with lenticular packaging.

For this limited-edition carton box sleeve for Ardbeg Ten, the brand wanted to build on previous packs that had successfully given the consumer a sense of ‘the place’ where Ardbeg whisky is made, the Isle of Islay.

We turned to lenticular printing technology to bring to life our concept of the ‘changeable elements of Islay’. Through image editing and retouching, two scenes of the Ardbeg distillery were created, one in a dramatic storm and one in a serene sunset. These scenes became the two states of the lenticular print that animate when the box is rotated or walked past on a shelf.

The Glenmorangie Company


Area of work
Packaging design
Photo editing and retouching
Print artwork

Designed in collaboration with Ed Bell